Turn your old smartphone into a webcam!

Tim's dogs

Sometimes I need to keep an eye on these guys.


Have an extra smartphone laying around that you’re not really using ? Make it into a web cam! This is an awesome tool when you want to keep an eye on your pets at home, for example. First off, however, you’ll need a Google account (sign up for free at google.com). Now, follow these simple steps:

1. Download the free application WebOfCam from the app store on your phone (for android, iphone, and ipad devices)
     a. Install the app to your old smartphone
     b. Then login into your Google account on your old smartphone to configure the app
     c. Select “camera” when it asks you to choose between camera and viewer options
     d. Place your new camera (old smartphone) in a good location.

2. Now install the same app on new smartphone
     a. Use the same Google account to login and select viewer

There you go, pairing completed. You now have a makeshift webcam!

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