Convert Your Word Document To PDF Using Free Online Conversion



Oh no! You have to submit your resume, but the company you are applying for does not allow any text document only a PDF file, what do you do now? Well have no fear! There is a quick and easy online solution to converting any of your files online.

I like most people can not afford expensive converting software programs, so I use a free online Converting tool. It is free and easy to use!

1: Visit

2: Follow the Steps 1-3

4: Hit the Convert Button. (Special note, if your file is over the size 2mb this may not work for you, due to restrictions that most Email Hosting Providers do not allow files larger than 2mb.)

Where did my recent folder go in Windows 8?



Hello everyone!

I have been getting this question a lot so, I am going to create a post on how you can find the elusive Windows8 recent folder.  This folder is used by many people to open the last files that they have been editing.
Here is how it is done!

1:Press Windows Key + R

2: This will bring up the run console.

3: Type in recent

4: Vola! there it is, you can drag the icon and make a desktop shortcut if you like.

Thanks and I hope this helps!

Dropbox is increasing their tier sizes to paying users for free!


There is some great news coming down the wire from drop box, for its paid user accounts.

Recently the Dropbox Company revealed that it would be increasing the storage space available to its paying users at no extra cost! Dropbox is planning on raising the 50 and 100 GB tiers with 100 and 200GB tiers for FREE! This will allow users to really take advantage of online cloud storage.

Also, there is great news on the wire for power users too, Dropbox plans on pushing out a 500GB plan for those users that require much more space, allowing more file portability for businesses! There is no word yet however on how much this will cost, but keep your eyes peeled.

These upgraded Dropbox plans will went live late night Tuesday 7-10-12, and the DropBox team converted all the paid users by early Wednesday morning 7-11-12.

What is this Dropbox some might ask? Dropbox is an innovated online storage solution. No more need to loft hard drives and pen drives around anymore. As long as you have internet access, you would be able to grab your files off the internet. The days of accidently forgetting to bring a pen drive or leaving a file on your local desktop at home are now over!


DNS Changer Virus May Affect hundreds of Thousands on July 9th 2012 be prepared!

Standard Windows or Mac user, the FBI has issued a warning that you’ll clearly not want to ignore.  If you do not have your computer malware free from the DNS changer virus by July 9,2012 you may no longer have internet access.
Here’s what happened: Months ago, the FBI was informed of a cyber-crime ring operating a series of rogue DNS servers. The long and short of it is these servers tricked people’s computers into viewing altered versions of the Internet that promoted dangerous and illegitimate products.  The good news is the cyber-criminals have been caught.
The FBI has announced they have created a web site where everyone can go to check to see if there computers are infected just click the link and check your system.  If your window shows green then your malware free, and if it’s red then you need to take measures to get your system malware free.

If infected…
For Windows Users

The solution to this problem comes from one of the worlds best security software provider Avira.

  1. Download the removal tool from here.
  2.  No need to install. Just double-click on the file and run it.
  3. The tool will first check if your computer is affected.
  4. If affected, it will apply the recommended changes within the DNS settings.
  5. A restart of Windows will be necessary after the execution of the tool and a successful repair.

For Mac Users :

  1. Download the removal tool from here.
  2. Once downloaded run the setup file.
  3. Restart Mac once the recommended changes are made by the tool.

Also suggested is that you once again check your computer with Virus Remover 2011 and TDSS Killer.

Install antivirus once again. Check here for the list of free and premium antivirus softwares .

When nothing works out…

Just re-install the Windows or Mac OS. This is the last and best solution to the problem.


How Does Google Work, Anyway?


If your small business advertises online, you likely have an account with Google AdWords. For those looking to market their services and products online, Google Adwords pay per click marketing offers one of the best ways for small businesses to get into paid search marketing. To begin, Google Adwords offers a number of easy-to-use tools to help you organize and optimize your pay per click marketing campaigns. Additionally, once you have a better grasp of the nuts and bolts of PPC marketing, Google Adwords is a robust platform that allows you to endlessly customize and tweak your campaigns for maximum effectiveness.

In short, it’s a marketer’s dream. (And that’s just the paid search portion of Google’s listings! Small businesses can also optimize their websites to better show up in Google’s organic listings, too!)

The first step in succeeding in search engine marketing - either paid search or organic SEO - is to understand how Google works. When you build a web page or write a blog post, how does that ultimately result in your link showing up when a user types in a query? For a great overview of the system, from start to finish, check out the image below (click to see a larger version):

How Google Works.

(Infographic by the Pay Per Click Blog)

If you understand how the pieces fit together, you’re more likely to be able to position your small business to succeed. Take a look at the image above and refer back to it as you go about building paid search campaigns and optimizing your website.