Is Your Backup Plan Obsolete?



Just because it’s still functional doesn’t mean it’s the ideal solution. Right? [Photo credit: Sunstarfire, on Wikimedia Commons.]


Technology is ever-evolving. In a blink of an eye, what was the latest and greatest is now unsupported and obsolete. Do you know anyone who uses a cell phone older than 3 or 4 years? Have you seen one recently and thought, “A flip phone, I can’t believe they still have one of those!” Or, “That old iPhone is too slow to do what I need to do.” The first iPad came out only 5 years ago, but tablets have become mainstream in that brief time. Now everyone not only seems to have one, but they’re on their second or third. It’s easy to recognize the benefits of improved/better/faster/safer machines.

In fact, you probably apply that same thought process to your Mac, PC, or server for your business.

You know that moment when you drop your phone in water? Or when your hard drive fails in your computer? The first thing that probably comes to mind is, “Shoot! I hope I can recover my pictures, contacts, documents, (etc.)! I don’t know what I will do if I’ve lost those.” You quickly realize that it doesn’t matter that you had the latest and greatest. If your data isn’t backed up properly, you now have bigger concerns than shelling out some money for replacement or hassling with a warranty repair. Data loss can be a huge inconvenience to your personal life.

But it can cripple your business.

Backup solutions, like every other technology, are also ever-evolving. What you bought back when it was considered cutting edge may have now fallen behind times. There may be new solutions out there that better fit your business. It’s a good idea to evaluate your backup plan as often as you do your smart phone or computer. Of the many options out there, it’s important to strike a balance between cost, features, and your business’s current needs.

For instance, one of our vendors, Datto, has a line of products called TDPs (total data protection) with scalable solutions that not only provide local backups every 15 minutes, for speedy recovery, but also sync offsite for disaster recovery situation, like a building fire, so your data is still safe. Another solution is the Datto NAS, in the event that you don’t have a server but need a central and reliable place to store files. (Think dedicated file server, plugged into your network, without the big cost.) The NAS, like its TDP brethren, also backs-up automatically offsite.

Everon monitors all of the backup devices we offer, 24/7. If a problem arises, we quickly address the issue to ensure your data remains protected. Monthly plans start at only $169, hardware included. Contact us today if you would like to discuss finding the right backup solution for your business! 888-244-1748 or [email protected]. We’re here for you.


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Turn your old smartphone into a webcam!

Tim's dogs

Sometimes I need to keep an eye on these guys.


Have an extra smartphone laying around that you’re not really using ? Make it into a web cam! This is an awesome tool when you want to keep an eye on your pets at home, for example. First off, however, you’ll need a Google account (sign up for free at Now, follow these simple steps:

1. Download the free application WebOfCam from the app store on your phone (for android, iphone, and ipad devices)
     a. Install the app to your old smartphone
     b. Then login into your Google account on your old smartphone to configure the app
     c. Select “camera” when it asks you to choose between camera and viewer options
     d. Place your new camera (old smartphone) in a good location.

2. Now install the same app on new smartphone
     a. Use the same Google account to login and select viewer

There you go, pairing completed. You now have a makeshift webcam!

The Next Big Step for Apple : iOS 7



Rumor has it that the iOS 7 platform is going to be an innovative operating system that does not follow the typical trends we’re seeing in the market right now. Several articles and reports suggest that the iOS 7 could be behind schedule in the race against competitors, however, these assumptions may be incorrect. Apple seems to be responding to the criticism from the community. There are lots of changes to be made and these modifications could essentially bring Apple back in the competition.

Here are some of the patented changes that we may see with the iOS 7:

1.)  A new and improved Siri

2.) Image recognition system may replace passcodes

3.) Street maps (to be in competition with google maps)

4.) iRadio (to be in competition with Pandora, Spotify, etc.)

5.) Customized auto-correct

6.) Parental controls

7.) Emergency apps (location-based)

8.) Multiple user accounts on Apple devices (including Face Time)

9.) Improved battery (automatic alter settings)

10.) Widgets and home screen customization

Apple due to release fix for iOS 6.1 Exchange bug soon


ios6exchangeIs your Exchange server getting bogged down by your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users running iOS 6.1 because of the Exchange bug? You may have seen increased network activity or increased Exchange processor load on the server or decreased battery life on the effected iOS devices. You may have heard about iOS users complaining that their device was suddenly no longer connected to the Exchange server. The cause can be the iOS 6.1 Exchange bug, encountered when you responded to an exception to a repeating event from your iOS device. If that all sounds Greek to you, that is fine. What you need to know is it is not a very common situation where your users would encounter the bug, but it can have a big impact on the performance of your server and your mobile devices.

Luckily, Apple has promised a bug fix to released very soon in an iOS update and in the meantime, they have published a workaround. Here are the steps you have your users follow to temporarily resolve the issue:

  1. Tap on Settings
  2. Tap on Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  3. Tap on the Exchange account in your accounts list
  4. Tap on the slider switch for Calendars to move it from ON to OFF
  5. Wait 10 seconds
  6. Tap on the slider switch for Calendars to move it from OFF to ON

Bear in mind that this is only a workaround, not a permanent solution. But it should get your server load back to normal and give the effected users some battery life back until the update is pushed out by Apple.

Do you have questions about mobile devices and how to make them play nice with your Exchange server? Call Everon today!

Your iPad At The Office



It wasn’t that long ago that I carried my notebook and pen to every meeting. It was a tried and true method that served me well….until my iPad came along. At first I would bring both, but soon it was just the iPad. With the Apple cover, I can prop it up at a slight angle like a keyboard and use a note-taking program or simply compose an email to myself. At the end of a meeting I just shoot the notes over to my desktop to sync into my OneNote. OneNote is an information management program that stores all of your notes. 

Now, I no longer have to spend 5-10 minutes manually typing those notes into my computer when I return to my desk. Multiply this by several meetings and I’m saving 30-45 minutes a day. That’s a nice chunk of time returned back to me for more important things (like another meeting).

I’ve also found this to be a great tool in small group meetings. I can simply pass around the iPad during a discussion to help avoid printing hard copies of documents (that will only be thrown away). There are many other great things you can use your iPad for at work: LogMeIn for remote access to your office PC, GoToMeeting for online conferences, and that occasional game of Angry Birds when you need a break from it all.