How to Stop Internet Explorer 11′s Browsing “Suggestions”



Whether you like it or not, by now (unless you told the Windows Update not to) you have been updated to Internet Explorer 11.  I, personally, don’t use IE unless I absolutely have too (I prefer Chrome).  But I have noticed that it picked up a new habit from the last version: it seems to be automatically trying to guess the website I am going to, regardless of whether I have ever been there before.  A small nuisance, but a nuisance nonetheless. Here’s how to turn it off.

When in Internet Explorer 11, select the gear in the upper right-hand corner.

Screenshot 2014-05-06 14.10.53


From there, open up Internet Options and select the “Content” tab.

Screenshot 2014-05-06 14.13.01

Under Content, go to the AutoComplete section. Press “Settings.”

Screenshot 2014-05-06 14.13.06


Here is where all the AutoComplete magic happens — the culprit in question is the Suggested URLs, but feel free to experiment!

Screenshot 2014-05-06 14.13.11

Happy Internet  Exploring!

Remove yourself from the internet with Just Delete Me


Social media, gaming hubs and other internet websites come and go.  Its very easy to forget to remove your accounts from websites that you don’t use anymore.  Just Delete Me is a site that provides you with direct links to doing just that.

Blog 6-1

Just Delete Me is website that is dedicated to you.  They are providing the links and step by step processes to remove personal accounts.  Each one is color coded. Green is easy, yellow is medium, red is difficult, and black is impossible.

Blog 6-2

Clicking on the page will take you to the sign in page, that will allow to you to remove your account so there is no searching for it.

Just Delete Me

The Power of Social Media: What Not To Do!


It’s probably safe to say most small business owners understand the importance of having a presence on the web. Perhaps you have a company site, Facebook, Linked In, YouTube, Twitter, or all of the above. If done right, you have an opportunity to find customers and promote your business literally at your fingertips. Great ideas or products from even a small business can quickly spread like wildfire on social media.

One family owned restaurant in Arizona recently was on Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares. Essentially, the show comes in and points out flaws with the intention to give the business feedback to improve while trying to make an entertaining television show. Having an opportunity to get on TV would be a great way to get your business exposure. Unfortunately for the couple who owns this restaurant they were called out on some questionable practices and did not take criticism well. The show recently aired and naturally some people on social media criticized their business practices further.

This provoked the owners to start lashing out at everyone openly on their Facebook page. Word of this spread quickly to other social media sites and started drawing masses of people to their page to see what the commotion was about. The insults and threats only continued from the owners in multiple posts further hurting their business. While watching this drama play out may be entertaining to some, it’s important to remember how quickly things can spread: either good or bad. Forbes has created a good article on tips regarding use of social media in light of this.


Social media

DropBox is a ROCKSTAR!


I almost use this product so much that I forget other people don’t know about it. I would like to share. My best explanation of this product is , It’s like a thumb drive that you don’t have to carry around.  It’s clouded and virtual. They host all the data on the Drop Box servers and your devices are just interactive viewers of that information.  I say “devices” because its more than just your PC that can sync with this information.

PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads, Tablets, Androids and more…. This allows you to leverage your existing software to “Cloud” your information. Such as Photos, Videos, and Program Data Files… yes Program Data Files are the little known advantages of a DropBox sync.  You can cloud your POP data in your email client, simulating expensive Exchange behaviors such as, centralized and shared email, notes, calendars, tasks, to-do lists, and even iTunes Music. Just point the program to a data fil or folder in your drop box and you’re on “Clouded 9” (patent pending term so if you use it I get a nickel).

No shortages in features like, folder sharing to avoid emailing huge files, and even a public area you can leverage to Host your own web site. Just point your domain to the public link in the easy to use Web Interface and mask your URL. I won’t tell anyone.  Here is a video from the web site but it doesn’t even begin to tell you what you can use it for. 2GB is free and I have used if (for FREE) for over 2 years now and have to clear old items out every once and awhile but 5 stars from me.

Does Your Website Look Good on an Apple iPhone or iPad?

Mobile Friendly Website

Make your website compatible with ipad and iphone

If you are a website designer, you may start to worry how your designs work on iPhones and iPads.  That’s because iPhones now make up an incredible 71% of all Mobile Browser traffic.

Designing sites that fully take advantage of the iPhone web environment will require more than just designing for a small resolution screen.  You must remember that the iPhone automatically resizes, flash is not available, nor are animated .Gif images.

But fear not!

Apple offers a iPhone Software Development kit you can acquire through the $99/year Developer program that includes a fantastic iPhone Simulator you can use to test and preview your websites.

Download Apple’s Free iPhone SDK


Even though Apple has featured the simulator in its iPhone software roadmap presentation presentation, the application itself is actually semi-hard to find.  First off, it is not named “iPhone Simulator”.  It is called “Aspen Simulator”, and is tucked away many folders deep in the newly installed Developer directory.


Launch the Aspen Simulator app. It takes some time to load, and once it is running you have a genuine iPhone simulator on your Mac. The only applications installed on this simulated iPhone are Photos, Contacts, and Safari. Launch the iPhone Safari web browser and start checking out websites.

How to Use the iPhone Simulator.

Rotate your simulated iPhone: To rotate your iPhone, choose Hardware > Rotate Left, orHardware > Rotate Right from the menu. iPhone’s Safari web browser will automatically rotate the website you are viewing.

Pinch-to-zoom Gestures: You can simulate the iPhones ‘pinch to zoom’ gesture by holding down the Option key while clicking and dragging with your mouse. This brings up a pair of dots that represent your fingertips.

Double-Tap Gestures: Users can double-tap any part of a webpage to zoom in on that section. Simply double-click in the simulator to replicate this zoom. From testing, the iPhone’s zoom feature appears to be impacted by the DIV structure of your web layout. A useful detail to watch for if iPhone users are an important audience.

If you have not played with an iPhone yet, make sure to check out Apple’s excellent iPhone Guided Tour videos. Pay particular attention to the web browsing multi-touch gestures about half-way through the tour video:

Apple: iPhone. A guided tour.