Helpful Windows Keyboard Shortcuts


There are several keyboard shortcuts that exist that can help you with your day to day work.  The Windows key has this logo: .

Copy a selected item

Ctrl + C

Cut a selected item

Ctrl + X

Paste a selected item

Ctrl + V

Undo an action

Ctrl + Z

Redo what was just undone

Ctrl + Y

Select All

Ctrl + A


Ctrl + P

Switch Open Windows

Alt + Tab

Show Desktop, minimizing all windows

 Windows Key + D

Minimize active window

Windows Key + Down Arrow

Maximize window

Windows Key + Up Arrow

Shift open window to your second monitor

 Windows Key    + Shift + Right/Left Arrow

Zoom in or out on a window

Windows Key + Plus/Minus sign

Search for files and folders

Windows Key + F

Lock your Computer

Windows Key + L

Open closed tab in web browser

Ctrl + Shift + T

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