Replacing Your iPhone Battery


Recently my iPhone battery has been losing its charge rather quickly, and this has become very inconvenient. It has come to a point where I need to make sure it’s at least 90% charged before I take it on a 30 minute run to listen to music. If not, I start to lose motivation half way through due to the lack of Beastie Boys rocking in my ear. So I decided I need to replace the battery, but can iPhone batteries be replaced?

I guess I always had thought, due to its sleek design and not too visible access points to the interior, that if something starts to fail on the iPhone you have to get a new phone. I started looking around and asking the technicians at Everon about different parts of my phone and if they can be fixed and was surprised to find out that a lot of these replacements can be done very quickly and are cost effective. You can send your phone into Apple for about $80 and they will replace your battery for you. sam's blog postOr you can go the DIY route. If you do want to do it yourself there are kits available, ranging from $5-$30. The kits include the tools to open your phone safely without harming your screen and a replacement battery. I found these tool kits on along with another possible solution, mobile battery chargers! Along with replacing my battery, I think it’s an awfully good idea to have one of these compact chargers on hand just in case. Now I am so excited to go on an extra-long run and not worry about my tunes cutting out half way through!  

Removing Your SIM Card


Traveling can be costly, but don’t let it rack up unwanted charges on your cell phone bill due to roaming. One way of doing this is to switch your phone into airplane mode, but if you like to be extra cautious you can remove your SIM card so there is no way for your phone to try to get reception from foreign cell towers.  Below you will find some popular smart phones and how to remove the SIM card from each. Please make sure you have powered down you cell phone device before removing the SIM card.

iPhones/ Nokia Lumia 1020/ Nokia Lumia 1520/ Nokia Lumia 925/ HTC One/HTC One Mini/ Motorola Moto X/ Nexus 5/ LG G2:

Located on the side or top of your phone there is a long skinny oval shape with a tiny circle where you can insert a paper clip to eject the SIM card tray.


Nokia Lumia 620:

To remove the cover of your phone simply push down on the panel of the camera to release the back cover of the phone. Your SIM card will be located underneath the battery in the SIM card tray, simply slide out the SIM card tray and remove your SIM card.

Lumia 620

Samsung Galaxy S4/ Samsung Galaxy S4 Active/ Samsung Galaxy Note 2/ Samsung Galaxy Note 3:

Use the notch at the top left corner to lift up the back cover, the SIM card will be located in a slot just above the battery. Carefully slide it out and to replace it make sure the metal contacts are facing down.

Samsung Galaxy S4 mini:

Use the notch at the top left corner to lift up the back cover, the SIM card is located in the left slot under the battery.