Business Logo Signatures and MAC Outlook 2011


Hello everyone,

Today we are going to show you how to insert a picture, such as a business logo, into your signature in Outlook 2011 for the MAC.

It’s fairly easy to do, but rather frustrating if you try and do it directly from Outlook…Because you can’t.

In other versions of Outlook such as the ones on the PC you have a nice editing palate that includes a formatting toolbar similar to they way you edit a new email. Using this toolbar you can easily click add or insert picture from the options and insert your Logo. In the MAC version there is no such thing. There is however a format drop down menu that allows you to edit font, color, add hyperlinks, etc. But if you want to add your business logo you will have to go about another way.

To sum it up, simply use Microsoft Word as the “Missing Palate” and when your done you can copy and paste it into your signature in outlook. Here is a quick video to show you how.

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  1. Thanks for the comment and I am glad you found the article helpful. More tips are on the way and we will put something together soon for Excel.

  2. I can create the logo in signatures just fine. However when I send the email, along with the signature logo to GMAIL, YAHOO etc the logo does not come through. It either attached as a picture or I get this instead of the logo: [cid:277A884C-BCBF-445F-9CE5-56A94D54A973]
    I have tried a copy and paste from an HTML Signature opened in Safari and a copy paste of the image to WORD with the same reuslts.
    We have a MAC computer with Office 2011 with the most recent update 14.0.1. Exchange server 2008 R2. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  3. I’ve followed the steps (which worked great - ty) but some of my recipients get two copies of the signature, instead of just one. I deleted the signature and recreated it, but it still happens. Any suggestions?

  4. Thanks for the replies!!

    - Stacey: The issue you are experiencing is a spam setting on the receivers end. Yahoo for example will block any images imbedded in an email that is not from a contact; disregarding it as spam. In order to change this, the recipient has to browse to Options> More Options> Spam>> change the Blocked Images setting to “Always show unless in Spam Folder”. Gmail should have something similar.

    -Ted: Glad to hear this post was of use to you. As far as the duplicate signature is concerned, I’d have to say I’ve never seen that before. My first step would be to test a signature without an image to see if it’s an issue with the creation of the log signature or if it’s an issue with the signature settings an Outlook itself.

    Let me know if I can help either of you any further.

    - Jeffrey

  5. Jeffrey,

    Thank you for your reply. However, the settings in Yahoo! are set as you have mentioned. To make this issue clear: I send an email from my PC using Outlook 2010 with a signature and it arrives intact in Yahoo!. I send an email from my MAC using Outlook 2011 with signature and it arrives with a [cid:277A884C-BCBF-445F-9CE5-56A94D54A973] as the signature logo. The logo itself is at the bottom of the email.
    Thank you for your efforts!

  6. My issue is exactly the same as Stacy’s - receiving a “cid:#” code instead of the signature block I pasted in. I have 4 different signature blocks in my Outlook 2011 (mac), 2 of them have this problem, the other 2 do not. Anyone have any ideas?

  7. My issue mimics Stacy’s as well. I created a custom HTML signature for use with Outlook 2007(PC) and Outlook 2011(MAC). When sending emails from Outlook 2007 to my gmail account, everything works fine. When I send emails from Outlook 2011 to gmail, all of the formatting (colors, text size, fonts and images) are stripped out. Is there a solution for this?


  8. Hey everyone!

    - Stacey: First off, I am really sorry it took me so long to reply.
    The CID issue you are getting is because Yahoo Mail is blocking the image. Outlook embeds images using CID’s and as previously mentioned earlier some email providers especially Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail are overly cautious with spam filtering. Majority of Spam contain some type of image embedded in the body of the message, more often the entire message is an image such as the notorious “Work From Home” Advertisements and because of this most emails with images within the body are discarded as so. Also keep in mind that the bigger the image, the bigger the size of the email becomes and can also cause it to be flagged as spam.

    Since you have already tried changing the options in Yahoo to no avail, I would likely suspect that its the configuration of your Exchange Server. My next question to you is does your network have an External Static IP address? If not then I would make sure your Exchange server is routing your email through a well known Smart Host, most times your ISP has one that you can use.

    My next step in your situation would be to have your Exchange Admin verify these for you. If these check out then I would look into some type of 3rd party Email Marketing or Campaign service.

    My Current setup just to compare is MAC Outlook 2011 with an Exchange Server 2010 though I had the same setup with Exchange 2007.

    I am sending you a test email from my Outlook to your Yahoo email to see if you get the same error.

    - L.K.: Questions, you have four signatures, does that mean you have four accounts as well? Assuming you are using 1 account, are the images in the two you are experiencing issues with significantly larger than the others? If you are using multiple accounts have you tried testing the signatures with the alternate accounts to verify if its an issue with a specific account?

    I would also suggest looking into the same suggestions I have given Stacey above.

    - Darren: The only suggestion off the top of my head would be to confirm that you are composing and sending the email in HTML and its not somehow reverting itself to Plan Text.

    Hope this helps.

    - Jeffrey

  9. Jeffery,

    Thanks so much for your reply. Three of the signatures, for my differing roles, are for my one work exchange account. When I first created these signature they all worked just fine, but even since I first posted the issue, none of them display any longer (with an occasional exception). I am also getting the same result when I attempt to paste a pdf into the body of an email. This is also new.

    I am in the process of review this issue for patterns, but this occurs in almost all cases - even with work recipients on the same server. Perplexing…would appreciate any advice you have for me.

  10. Hi, I am having the same problem as Darren. Setup signature in Outlook 2011, looks OK in Outlook 2011, Outlook 2007, OWA and iPhone. Apple Mail shows signature as standard text, default font size and colour, but e-mails sent from PC Outlook 2007 or 2010 have correct signature. Other people I send to also loose the signature, it almost appears as it leaves exchange server it is stripped back to plain text, while inside our “domain” it is ok. John

  11. Hi, the issue with the signature is a known bug in Exchange Server 2007. Our IT guy changed send format from “Determined by individual user settings” to “Always use” and now works fine.

  12. I believe all you have to do is just drop the image in the sig window, of course you would need your image sized right first, but you don’t need word, unless you have a size that is too big then word is a good solution.

  13. Thanks so much for the video: at least now I know how to insert hyperlinks in my Mac Outlook signature. However, does anyone know how to link the logo itself? I was trying to embed a LinkedIn button in my signature, so that if someone clicks on it, they’ll be taken to my LinkedIn public profile page. Any ideas? Nothing I’ve tried so far has worked!

  14. I’ve the same issue as Meghna. Can we insert buttons in our signatures on Mac Outlook 2011? Putting in images is fine but adding the hyperlink is not. I tried adding the hyperlink via Word but it doesn’t copy over.
    Any suggestions would be great!

  15. The same duplicate problems here. When I send the emails, Office 2011, with my logo all mobile devices are getting duplicates of my logo. To desktops… no problem. From Entourage…. no problem. I think this is another Bug from Microsoft Office 2011. Is there a solution?

  16. can anybody actually reccomend a third party signature software that works with Outlook Exchange 2007 on BOTH PC and Mac? we have been using a product by codetwo which is great for Outlook users on PC’s but very but very buggy on Mac’s and Apple devices…

  17. Hi Jeffery,
    I have slightly different request. Do you know how I could insert a hyperlink into the signature, so when the email is opened by the recipient, it downloads the logo from a website, therefore, not sending emails with logo attachments? This might help with some of the spam issues., thx Eddie

  18. Hi there - I was wondering if you can have your signature automatically appear for reply emails or do you have to click on the signature button in every reply mail for it to appear? Thanks!

  19. How do I set up hyperlink with the picture logo in the signature? The goal is that when someone receives the email with this signature they can see the logo picture in the signature and if they click on the picture it takes them to the website associated with that logo. Thanks!

  20. I have a jpeg logo in my signature and when an email I have sent is viewed on a mobile device (specifically an iPhone and an iPad) the logo shows up twice. Any thoughts or others with this issue?

  21. I also need help adding the hyperlinks in, i tried to copy/paste from word and it is not carrying over.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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