Quick Tip : Find Your Desktop



Do you ever get so caught up in a project that you find yourself with a screen full of open windows? I find myself in that situation on a daily basis. What makes it worse is that I have two monitors, and you know what that means… more open windows. In situations where I need to get back to my desktop quickly, I end up spending a good couple of minutes minimizing all of the open windows on my screens.

I’m all about shortcuts on my computer. If there’s any sort of trick or shortcut that can help me work more efficiently, I want to know about it! A few weeks ago, I got fed up with minimizing windows. With the help of our Everon Techs, I quickly learned that you can get to your desktop in the click of a button.

Literally, one click.*

Here’s how:

Step 1: Locate the button on the far right corner of your screen.

Step 2: Click that button.

Desktop Button

Step 3: TA-DAAA! It’s your desktop!

*(Please note that I am working with Windows 7. This feature does not apply to other versions of Windows.)

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