Apple 10.7 Lion available on Thumb Drive


Apple released yesterday a $69 bootable 10.7 Lion install option on a USB Thumb Drive.  This is unprecedented in the industry, and just a fantastic idea in my opinion.

The drive comes with free shipping from the online store and can be used on multiple computers.  Coming in at 3.49 GB in size, this thumb drive option may be more suitable for those who have limited bandwidth, firewall prevention, and multiple VLAN’s preventing the downloadable option.

Lion is the first downloadable operating system install that Apple has released, marking the beginning of an optical drive-less era, moving towards thinner and lighter notebooks, and faster bandwidth software experiences.

Lion offers many new features, a new cover (aqua-free), and incredible stability.

I have been using for about 3 months now, and highly recommend this version as a stable upgrade.  Most software has been updated to match compatibility, and my computer has NEVER been faster.

Whether it be thumb drive or download, GET LION!   You won’t be sorry.

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