Customize your Ringer Volume with Android’s Intelligent Ringer


In what will surely prove to be a popular new app for Android, ‘Intelligent Ringer’ makes your ringtone smarter for you. Intelligent Ringer sets the ringtone volume based on the ambient noise level in which your phone is located. It is also able to detect whether the device is stashed in your pocket or purse, and still respects your use of silent or vibrate only settings based on your sensor readings.

Intelligent Ringer is incredibly easy to customize, using the following settings:

-Minimum / Maximum volume – limit the maximum and minimum volume possible to set.

-Sensitivity – change the microphone sensitivity when needed.

-Pocket Factor – Additional volume which is added to the actual measurement value only when the device is discovered to be in a pocket.

-Accuracy – decide how precise the volume setting process should be.

Intelligent Ringer is available now for free in the Google Play store.ringer

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