Do You Have Drugs on Your Network?


i-doser post

Recently I received a complaint about an extremely slow flow on a network. I conducted various scans on the network and did packet capturing analysis only to discover a unique and unusual case that I had never encountered before. I found a major bandwidth consumption by a few files trading on the network with the extension *.drg. I conducted a full research about this specific extension and its files, discovering that the .drg file extension is used for AllyCAD CAD design drawing files, AviSys bird watcher database files, Dyno2000 car design files,  VLBI and Tied Array drudge tasking document files. After contacting the client with my findings, I concluded that none of his users were using the software listed above. I ran a full software scan and analysis and discovered that three of the network users had an app called i-Doser installed on their iPhones, and they were connected through the corporate WiFi.

By now you must be wondering, “What is i-Doser?” I-Doser is an application for Windows and iOS that you can find on the Internet. It is used to achieve a simulated feeling of a “drug” through the use of binaural beats. There are well over one hundred “doses” or “dosers”, and some can be incredibly hard to find. Most of the doses are named after prohibited recreational drugs. In other words, it’s a brainwave synchronization software which is used for mood alteration purposes. The DRG files contain stereo audio tracks that are recorded using the binaural recording techniques used by the software. The DRG files also contain information about the “dose” file and a screenshot image.

I was extremely curious about i-Doser and its concept. What pushed these employees to use digital drugs in the work environment? How effective are digital drugs? Should employers be alarmed? According to research on i-Doser’s website, 83% of its users have had at least one simulated experience occur. There is substantial evidence and research to support i-Doser’s claim that binaurals can help simulate a specific mood or experience. But I was definitely a skeptic, so I decided to try this i-Doser myself. After-hours, of course.

I chose a dose called “Gates of Hades.” I looked up the reviews online for it, and what I saw creeped me out. People were saying that it was the most frightening thing they’ve ever experienced, e.g. near-death experiences, OBEs, distortion of reality, loss of body image, strong visual and auditory hallucinations… the works.  But, being the skeptic that I am, I decided to ignore all the talk and reviews. I said to myself, “People are just trying to scare each other.” So last night I plugged my HD headphones into my iPhone, laid in my dark room on my bed (as was recommended, in preparation for this specific dose), and proceeded to listen to “Gates of Hades.”

i-doserAs a veteran of the United States Army, I have been deployed to combat zones and have experienced some horrifying experiences. After my experience with I-Doser,  I have to admit the “Gates of Hades” dose is real, and it works.

After I finished listening to the full dose, I  experienced unusual sensations and serious anxiety that stayed with me for almost a full hour. Maximum depression-like sensations. I was seeing  colors darker than what they really are. This was like a living nightmare that I was trapped in for a full hour. This dose is very dangerous and shouldn’t be traded between people, especially teenagers. The brain-experience and reaction I had was totally horrifying and  accompanied by hallucinations.

The digital drugs are real, and they’re not as safe as most users claim.

After my horrifying experience with “Gates of Hades” and the reaction that I lived for a whole hour I wanted to understand more how this could possibly happen to me. I researched more in books and on the Internet about binaural beats. I found a logical, scientific explanation that I would like to share with you. Based on the Monroe Institute for Neural Science‘s research for binaural beats:

“The sensation of auditory binaural beats occurs when two coherent sounds of nearly similar frequencies are presented, one to each ear, with stereo headphones or speakers. The brain integrates the two signals, producing a sensation of a third sound called the binaural beat. For example, if a frequency of 100 Hz is played in one ear and 107 Hz is played in the other ear, a binaural beat of 7 Hz is created by the brain. Brain waves match or “follow” the binaural beat. If the binaural beat is 7 Hz, an increase in the brain waves of 7 Hz occurs. Binaural beats originate in the brainstem’s superior olivary nucleus, the site of contralateral integration of auditory input. The binaural beat is neurologically conveyed to the reticular formation which uses neurotransmitters to initiate changes in brainwave activity.

Brain Waves & Consciousness:
Gamma ( above 40 Hz ) Alert anxiety and could lead to hallucinations.
Beta ( 13 – 26 Hz ) Alert concentration and problem-solving.
Alpha ( 8 – 13 Hz) Alert relaxation.
Theta ( 4 -7 Hz) Deep relaxation and increased learning.
Delta ( 1 – 3 Hz ) Deep Sleep.”

I also discovered that the binaural beats have been used in the movie making industry since forever, recently on a more advanced level, which is known as sound effects. Have you ever asked yourself why, every time you are watching a horror or action scene there is always that super-surround, high-pitched sound effect in the background? Yes, that’s right, welcome to the Gamma Brainwave! These sound effects trigger the Gamma brainwaves causing instant fear and anxiety. Later on, you might even experience nightmares, not because of what you saw — it’s because of the high frequency rate that was triggered in your brainwaves. It usually takes time to discharge  its intensity to a lower level than 40 Hz. The reaction time lapse can differ from one person to another depending on the severity of that brainwave trigger they have been exposed to.

After my firsthand experience with this digital drug, or  i-Doser, I can see that the use of this program during work hours should be a concern for employers. While some employees may just be trying to de-stress, the use of any “drug” to alter their states (and possibly their judgments) is alarming.

There are lots of opinions about this new i-Doser digital drugs. Some are skeptics, some are believers, and some are addicted to i-Dosing. It’s clear that these type of digital drugs should of concern in the work environment. The user must isolate himself from the surrounding environment — in other words, breaking away from the work team and allowing himself to fade into the background. This would affect the general production of any company. Further, the i-Doser application uses a very specific file extension that is dependent on on live broadcasting from different servers, which consumes a great amount of bandwidth on any network. It’s very similar to the music broadcasting software called Spotify, which most companies currently ban using the corporate firewall and the security policies on their Active Domain Servers.

The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics has issued numerous warnings about i-Dosing and its dangerous side effects. Some countries in Europe,  such as, France have issued new laws to ban i-Dosing. U.A.E and Lebanon in the Middle East have similar bans. These countries have taken serious counter measures against this new trend of Digital Drugs. Don’t you think it’s time to stop being skeptical and realize that it’s a real threat?

If you are concerned about the possibility of digital drugs on your company’s network, please call us at Everon (888-244-1748). Our team can review your network and recommend next steps for your systems.

Your iPad At The Office



It wasn’t that long ago that I carried my notebook and pen to every meeting. It was a tried and true method that served me well….until my iPad came along. At first I would bring both, but soon it was just the iPad. With the Apple cover, I can prop it up at a slight angle like a keyboard and use a note-taking program or simply compose an email to myself. At the end of a meeting I just shoot the notes over to my desktop to sync into my OneNote. OneNote is an information management program that stores all of your notes. 

Now, I no longer have to spend 5-10 minutes manually typing those notes into my computer when I return to my desk. Multiply this by several meetings and I’m saving 30-45 minutes a day. That’s a nice chunk of time returned back to me for more important things (like another meeting).

I’ve also found this to be a great tool in small group meetings. I can simply pass around the iPad during a discussion to help avoid printing hard copies of documents (that will only be thrown away). There are many other great things you can use your iPad for at work: LogMeIn for remote access to your office PC, GoToMeeting for online conferences, and that occasional game of Angry Birds when you need a break from it all.


iPhone 4S, is it a 5? What’s the big deal? This writer is blown away!


What’s the deal with the iPhone 4s.  It’s not an iPhone 5.  What does that mean?

Apple has already sold over 1 million iPhone 4S’s on day 1 of pre-orders.  Is it just a hype?  Or is there something substantial here?

Aside from the internal chip, camera, microphone, and antenna boost, iPhone 4S is getting Siri, your own personal assistant.  What could be better for a small business owner?

When I showed the Siri feature to my wife, a sole prop attorney, pre-order had begun!

Why?  What is Siri?

Siri is a new feature integrated into the iPhone 4S and OS 5, which gives you a real voice recognition and human like interactive assistant built right into your phone.  You no longer have to text with those little letters and your thumbs, you just tell your phone what you want.

Does this mean you need to memorize a billion commands in order to use?  NO!  The software is smart enough to allow you to speak to the phone as if it is a person.

“Can you move my 11 O’Clock appointment to 1 PM, and email my wife to remind her we have dinner plans tonight?”

It does it!

Siri also integrates with the GPS chip built into your iPhone 4S.

“Remind me to take out the trash when I get home”

Pull into your driveway, and your phone announces “Reminder, take out the trash, you are home”.

That is just cool, and no other phone out there does it!  Not like this.

Check out the Apple Siri video to learn more.  This blogger is super excited for this device, and highly recommends to anyone looking to replace or upgrade their smarthphones.

Apple Siri Demo

Have fun!

Two Computers for the Price of a Monitor


If you’re still using just one monitor with your computer, you’re missing out on a fantastic way to improve your productivity.

At first, it may seem that having more than one monitor to be a bit silly or over kill, but once you try it, you’ll wonder how you survived so long with just one.

No matter how hard you try, having two documents or spreadsheets on the screen at one time just never seems to be so easy to use. The only way to make two documents fit comfortably side-by-side on the screen is by making the text so small as to almost be illegible.

The addition of a second monitor changes all that. You can comfortably fit both documents on each monitor and have the side by side view you’ve always wanted.

Another way multiple monitors help is by allowing you to keep your email inbox open on one screen while you do something productive on the other. This allows you to keep an eye on your inbox while you work.

If you work with a lot of streaming data, you can also use one monitor to display the live data while you conduct your work on the other.

It’s like having two computers at your desk.

Both Mac and Windows make having multiple monitors running easy to manage.

Their control panels allow you to customize your specific configuration by allowing you to tell the computer if the monitors are sitting side by side or one above or below the other.

You can even use monitors of different shapes and sizes and the operating system will adjust.

And why stop at two. With the proper equipment you can have 3, 4, 5 or more monitors.

How many do you want?

-Jim De Vico

General Manager, Los Angeles
Everon Technology Services

DropBox is a ROCKSTAR!


I almost use this product so much that I forget other people don’t know about it. I would like to share. My best explanation of this product is , It’s like a thumb drive that you don’t have to carry around.  It’s clouded and virtual. They host all the data on the Drop Box servers and your devices are just interactive viewers of that information.  I say “devices” because its more than just your PC that can sync with this information.

PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads, Tablets, Androids and more…. This allows you to leverage your existing software to “Cloud” your information. Such as Photos, Videos, and Program Data Files… yes Program Data Files are the little known advantages of a DropBox sync.  You can cloud your POP data in your email client, simulating expensive Exchange behaviors such as, centralized and shared email, notes, calendars, tasks, to-do lists, and even iTunes Music. Just point the program to a data fil or folder in your drop box and you’re on “Clouded 9” (patent pending term so if you use it I get a nickel).

No shortages in features like, folder sharing to avoid emailing huge files, and even a public area you can leverage to Host your own web site. Just point your domain to the public link in the easy to use Web Interface and mask your URL. I won’t tell anyone.  Here is a video from the web site but it doesn’t even begin to tell you what you can use it for. 2GB is free and I have used if (for FREE) for over 2 years now and have to clear old items out every once and awhile but 5 stars from me.